Picture Puzzle 1

Picture Puzzles Worksheet

The picture puzzle worksheet has several pictures cloistered within a small space. Aside from there are some pictures, encircled. The child needs to find out the encircled pictures from the puzzle one by one. This besides being fun-filled, will aim at improving the sensory skills of the kids, and stimulate their brain development. Colour the ones in the right when you find them!

How to do?

  • Ask the kid to look at the first picture in the circle
  • Next, tell the little one to search for the same picture from the puzzle.
  • Let the kids take enough time, but make sure you don’t search it for them.
  • Once the kid finds the relevant picture, ask the child to strike/colour that circled picture and move on with the second one.

What will your kid learn?

  • • The kids will have a fun time while learning.
  • • The puzzle aims to stimulate their brain development, and works on improving their sensory skills.
  • • The children will get a chance to think logically and will learn to identify objects.

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