Number Worksheet

Identifying the Smallest Number


This is a worksheet, where the child has to circle the smallest number. Identifying numbers is very important in Math. Here is a worksheet where your child will learn to identify the smallest number in each row. Let’s check which numbers are the smallest!

How to do it?

1 ) Let your child recognize and tell all the numbers one by one in each row.

2) Tell your child to draw small standing lines above each number according to their value.

3) Let the child count the standing lines on each number.

4) Then tell her/him to compare which number got more standing lines and which number got less.

5) Tell your child to identify the smallest number and circle that number.

What will your kid learn?

  • Learn counting
  • Identify numbers
  • Smallest number

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Smaller number worksheet

Materials Required

  • Worksheet Printout

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