Missing Number Worksheet

Kindergarten Math Worksheet


This is a simple Math worksheet for little kids who are beginning to recognize numbers. In this worksheet, your child will identify the missing numbers.

Let’s see which numbers are missing!!

How to do?

  • “Ready to find the missing numbers?” ask your child.
  • Look at the first row of the worksheet . Ask your child to say the numbers in the first row.
  • Now ask your child to rote counting from 1 to 10, loudly.
  • While your child is counting ask her/him, to carefully see which numbers are not written in the box.
  • Tell her/him to write the first missing number and then ask the child “What number comes next”.
  • If the number is written, ask your child to point at it, if the number is not written, ask your child to write it with pencil.
  • In the same way tell your child to count and write the missing numbers in the next row.

What will your kid learn?

  • Missing Numbers
  • Forward counting

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missing number

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