Colouring Sheet for Kids

Children’s Day Colouring Sheet


It’s CHILDREN’s DAY!!! Kids love colouring with watercolours and crayons. So, on this special day let’s make them do their favorite activity!


  1. Show the worksheet to the child.
  2. Give her/him some water paints or colours.
  3. Let the child colour the sheet creatively by doing-
    • Finger painting
    • Dab painting using cotton
    • Tearing colourful paper and sticking the bits on the sheet using glue
    • Crayons
  4. Show the child the different methods through which she/he can colour and let them decide.

What will your kid learn?

  • Builds imagination
  • Builds creativity
  • Improves hand to eye coordination

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Materials Required

  • Printout
  • Crayons/Paint

It’s beautiful to see kids learning. And they learn more while playing. And that’s our vision “Learn while you play”.