Time Telling Flashcards

Telling Time to the hour

Hickory Dickory Dock! These educational flashcards are designed for the kids of Nursery and pre-K to tell time on their watch or clock! It is a fun and easy way to learn the basic concept of time through the playful method. This set of flashcards have cards with clocks telling the hourly time (1’ o clock, 2’o clock, and so on till 12’ o clock) with the digital time written below. You have to just download and print
these 12 cards.

How to help your child to read the flashcards

1) First ask your child to find a clock or watch in the room.
2) Now tell your child, “Today we will learn how to check time from the clock”.
3) Show the child flashcards one at a time slowly. Let them grasp the picture of the clock, the numbers are written in it, hour hand and minute hand.
4) Now explain to the child different parts of the clock. Tell the child-
– “The clock has 12 numbers on it that help us to tell time”
– “The small needle is called the Hour hand”
– “The long needle is called the Minute hand”
– “Both the hands help in telling the time”
5) Show the child the first flashcard- 1’ o clock. Tell the child, “1’ o clock means hour hand is on 1 and the minute hand is on 12”. Then point to the digital time written below. Similarly, show the point, and tell the other flashcards.
6) When the child has grasped the concept, you show the flashcard with a little speed and ask, “What time is it?” and the child will answer “It is 3’ o clock” and so on.

Time Telling Flashcards


It’s beautiful to see kids learning. And they learn more while playing. And that’s our vision “Learn while you play”.