Solar System Flashcards

Solar system flashcards for the kids. Each flashcard has a Planet and some interesting facts about it.

The solar system has Sun and 8 Planets.

-I am a star and found at the center of the solar system
-Light from me takes 8 minutes to reach the Earth

-I am the closest and the smallest planet of the solar system
-I don’t have any moon

I am the hottest planet of the solar system, despite not being nearest to the sun
I am the second brightest object in the sky at night, after the moon
I don’t have my own moon

I am the only planet which supports life known so far
70% of my surface is covered with water
I have only 1 moon

I am the second-smallest planet
I am also known as “Red Planet”, as I am red in color
I get my color from iron oxide

I am the largest planet in the solar system
I am a vacuum cleaner of the solar system, because of my strong gravity
I am 318 times bigger than the Earth

I am the second-largest planet
I have the shiny ring around me
I am the king of moons and have 82 confirmed moons

I am the third largest planet
I am blue in colour
I get my blue colour from Methane
I have rings around me
I have 27 confirmed moons

I am the farthest planet from the sun
I have 14 confirmed moons

A fun way to introduce interesting facts about the solar system.

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