Music Day flash cards for kids

Musical Instruments Flash cards for kids


La La La!! Traa lala!! Wishing each one of you a very Happy World Music Day on 21st June!!

Listen! Listen carefully! The birds tweeting, the whistling of wind, insects buzzing. What about the music of your favourite song? Music is all around only if you just pause and listen!

Did you ever wonder- What is Music?

It is defined as a combination of sounds put together at the right time to make a beautiful melody! Music is something that anybody can make. There are various instruments with which one could make music besides the traditional plate and spoon!! There are over 1500 instruments in the world.

Benefits of Music-

Did you know music has health benefits besides having an entertaining side to it? Here are some of them-

  • Make you energized
  • Provides comfort to your well being
  • Helps the performance while exercising
  • It helps reducing stress levels and anxiety
  • Boost your mood

Don’t forget to listen to calming music while doing Yoga! (International Yoga Day!)

Here are some flashcards for kids to get familiar with the various types of instruments! You never know they might end up becoming a Musician like A.R Rahman or Pandit Ravi Shankar or Freddie Mercury or Beethoven or Chopin or Mozart or Elton John and so on!

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