Pre-Writing Skills Activity

String Art Activity


The child has to stick the small cut strings of wool or jute and make the pattern. Let your child trace the outline of the pattern and colour it. The child will have fun while she/he does this creative activity and also develop fine motor skills.

How to do?

  • “Ready to do the sticky strings tracing” tell your child excitedly.
  • Encourage your child to first recognize the objects of the worksheets.
  • First, cut small strings of wool or jute.
  • You can also encourage your child to cut the stings with scissors by themselves under your supervision.
  • It will help them to develop their finger muscle and develop good grasp on the object.
  • Then ask your child to stick the stings with glue on the outline of the pattern, carefully.
  • After they finish the sticking, ask your child to colour the object.
  • Voila! Your child has created a beautiful master piece!

What will your kid learn?

  • It will help your child to develop her/his muscle power.
  • She/he will think logically and understand how to use the string and create a pattern.
  • It will help your child to improve her/ his imagination skills by using different colours.

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tracing worksheet for kids

Material Includes

  • wool string/ jute string
  • glue
  • scissor

It’s beautiful to see kids learning. And they learn more while playing. And that’s our vision “Learn while you play”.