Marble Painting With Shavingcream

Shaving Cream Art For Kids

Holi- A celebration of colors. Every child’s favorite festival to celebrate as they play around with colours. Marble painting with shaving foam is an art and craft activity that will bring your child’s inner artist out. It’s a perfect Holi activity for you and your child to get your creative juices flowing. All the materials are easily available at home. You could make cards, wrapping paper, wall art, bookmark, notebook cover, paper bags and so much more.
How to do the activity :
1.Take shaving foam spray in a flat container or plate.

Marble Art For Kids With Shaving Foam

2.Spread it evenly on the plate with a butter knife.
3.Add drops of paint on the shaving foam.
4.Mix it unevenly using a tip of the brush or toothpick or earbud.
5.Keep the paper on the foam and gently tap it.

6.Now, gently take out the paper from one end.
7.Remove the foam by sliding the scale across the sheet.
Your marble painting sheet is ready for use – Be creative.

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This activity was very easy and fun to do! I and my baby really enjoyed and we made wall art for our room!! Thank you so much for an innovative idea!

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Materials Required

  • Shaving foam
  • Acrylic paints/water colours/food colouring
  • Plate/ container
  • Butter knife
  • Paint brush
  • Scale
  • Paper

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