Learning numbers with Monkey!

Before And After Activity For Kids

Learning before and after is really tricky for kids. Here is an amazing craft that will allow your little one not only to read and learn by themselves but also enjoy at the same time.

How to make this:
1) Cut 2 circles of the chart papers of different colors.
2) Write 0 to 9 numbers on the edges of each chart paper cut-outs using a marker pen.
3) Cut a rectangle from the cardboard. The size should be such that the circle cut-outs can fit side by side.
4) Using a split pin attached the circle cut-outs on the rectangle board.
5) Now, cut another cardboard in the shape of a monkey face.
6) Cut the mouth of the monkey so that numbers can be seen below it.
7) Colours the face and attach it to the board, above the circular cut-out attached.
8) Your monkey number craft is ready for use!

You can use this craft to teach multiple things to your kid.

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