Colour Sorting Activity for pre-school kids

Pompom Sorting by colour


This is a fun activity for little children wanting to recognize different types of colours. The kids will learn the concept of sorting by colour. Sorting can be defined as arranging or grouping things together according to a certain feature- in this activity it is according to colour.


  1. Take 1 bowl and fill it with different coloured of pom pom.
  2. Now, give your child 4 to 5 empty bowls.
  3. Put pom pom of each colour in the bowl to start with.
  4. Point at each pom pom in each bowl and ask the child “Which colour is this?”
  5. Help her/him with the answer.
  6. Ask her/him to put the same coloured pom pom together in one bowl.
  7. Say, “Put all the red pom pom in one bowl. Now put all yellow pom pom in the other….” and so on.
  8. You could also ask your child to count the pom pom in each bowl. this will help them in counting as well.

What will your kid learn?

  • Sorting
  • Recognition of colours
  • Counting

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Sorting activity for kids

Materials Required

  • Pom pom of different colours
  • Bowls

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