Balloon Activity

This activity will help the child to read the 3 letters word


How to do the activity :

  1. Draw 3 balloons on a paper.
  2. Parents can cut 26 circles from colour papers and ask the child to write each alphabet on one circle.
  3. Parents can call out 3 letter words and the child can make the word from the circles.

What will your kid learn?

  • Child will learn to read 3 letter words

About the instructors

I Mrs Maithili Mehendale completed my ECCE with 1st class. I am presently working as a teacher for Senior and Junior Kg.
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Materials Required

  • 3 balloons on a paper
  • 26 circles of color paper

It’s beautiful to see kids learning. And they learn more while playing. And that’s our vision “Learn while you play”.

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