ABC – Before And After Activity

Alphabet Activities For Preschoolers

For making reading and learning alphabets enjoyable, here is a wonderful and easy craft that will allow your little one not only to read and learn by themselves but also enjoy at the same time. This craft will enable your child to think while learning what comes before and after a particular alphabet.

How to do the activity :
1) Take the cardboard or thick sheet to cut out 26 rectangles.
2) Using a marker pen make 2 vertical lines to divide each rectangle into 3 equal parts.
3) Write the capital letters in the middle section of the rectangles.
4) Your child could use alphabet pieces for putting before and after the alphabet.
5) You could cut squares and write the capital letters or small letters if alphabet pieces are unavailable.
6) Your fun-tastic craft is ready for use! Learn before and after alphabets or tell your child to put the small letters against the capital letters.

Be innovative and Happy learning!

What will your kid learn?

  • Learn before and after alphabets
  • Match small and capital letters

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Best out of waste - is our motto! If you are looking for activities encompassing fun and learning for parents and children then please follow our activities. For these activities we make use of easily available tools and things noticed around the corners of the home.
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Alphabet Activities For Preschoolers

Material Includes

  • Card board
  • Marker pen
  • Scissor
  • Alphabet pieces or cut-outs

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