A Great Wooden Educational Learning Toys For 3 Year Old And 4 Year Old Children | Set Includes A Wooden Binocular Shaped Viewer With 4 Pairs Of Coloured Glasses See The World In A Myriad Of Colours Through The Lenses Of This Pair Of Binoculars

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| Once children have learnt basic colour identification, this toy is a great tool to help them understand colour abstraction | It helps the child discover the concept that colour is a property of an object. As once viewed through different coloured glasses, the world around looks different than when seen with the naked eye | A great sensory development toy in early years | Finished Beautifully With Non-Toxic Paints Compliant With European En-71 Part 3 Guidelines | Comes packed in a box with a detailed instruction manual to use the toy effectively. This toy thrills children as they see the world in different colours using an object beyond the human eye. The wide variety of filters excites them when they look at the world around them appear differently with each colour. This allows children to perceive colour as an abstract property or an adjective used to describe an object.

This is the first time the child is able to grasp the complex aspect of colour being an abstract property as the objects they see take on the colour of the filter they are looking through. While using the binoculars, the activity of changing and applying filters is also a great exercise to hone fine motor skills.



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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm


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