Animal and Group Flashcards


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Animal and Group Flash Cards Box contains 22 cute animal pictures, quite attractive to gain your child’s interest.

These cards describe Male, Female, Group, and Baby animals

— Playful learning: Flashcards develop the love of learning in a fun and playful manner. Learning with flashcards develops and enriches vocabulary in children and also enables the brain to remember the words and images at a speed.

— Flashcard stimulates the right brain memory of a child, as images create a flash in the mind of the baby as well as adults

—  Flashcards improve concentration, Eye-Catching images on the flashcards make learning fun and improve their concentration power and observational skills.

— Flashcard is a very interesting way to spend some quality time between child and a parent-

— Flashcards are Vocabulary Enhancer, it stimulates the brain to remember the words and images


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