Welcome to Mumma World!!

Mumma World is a brainchild of Ms. Priya Sharma, who herself is a mother of two. In the lookout for introducing her kids to all the wonderful things in the world, Priya time and again stubbed upon the challenge of finding learning resources that can help her elevate and make the learning fun and engaging for her kids. This pushed this Marketing geek to start Mumma World with an aim to make home-learning easy not only for her kids but also for other kids and their parents.

Mumma World stands on three pillars – Play, Learn and Grow. We firmly believe that kids learn best from various forms of play and seizing natural learning opportunities in the home plays a huge role in developing child’s curiosity towards learning and imaginative play.


We might then say that school life and family life are but two pages of the same book. Yet in family life there is something special which the school cannot copy, which the school cannot offer.

—Maria Montessori
The creative Development of the Child: Vol 2


Why Choose us

Vast pool of simple, fun and result oriented educational activities Engaging and Age appropriate learning resources that can form a part of everyday play Tested at-home activities, science experiments, and DIYs to make learning fun Super convenient and screen free activities to help build children's focus and attention span

Our Mission

Making home-learning easy for kids and their parents

Our Visions

one-stop online space for parents to find a galaxy of simple, fun and result oriented educational resources for their kids for everyday learning and play
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Our vast list of age appropriate activities has so many ideas. You’ll always have something to do with your kid.


Stacks of worksheets covering various learning objectives to keep your kid busy!!


Explore a range of age old and new Rhymes to strengthen, enhance and build your kid’s vocabulary.


Explore a selection of age old as well as new Stories created especially for the kids.

Lesson Plans

Being organized changes everything! Refer to the class wise CBSE syllabus to plan activities and resources for your kid.


Finding toys, specifically educational toys for children can be daunting with the wide variety of toys available online. Explore our range of toys that focus of ‘learning specific skill sets’ while upping the ‘fun’ quotient for the kids.

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